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With Which? Money magazine and Which? Money Helpline you can find the best deals, avoid rip-offs and scams, and protect your savings and investments. We demystify money to help you make decisions with confidence.

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Jenny Ross

I’m editor of Which? Money. I’ve seen the financial services industry through several lenses, thanks to stints at the financial regulator and an insurance broker. My focus now is making the world of personal finance easier to navigate - join for expert guidance on how to make your money go further and steer clear of rip-offs and scams.

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Sam Richardson

I’m the deputy editor of Which? Money. I’m lucky enough to work with a great team of experts – intrepid journalists who spend months investigating the financial providers and products you rely on, as well as the murky world of scams, in order to protect you and your money. Join to read their award-winning work.

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Paul Davies

I’ve been a personal finance journalist for more than 20 years and am now Which? Money’s pensions and retirement expert. Join to find out exactly how much money you’ll need in retirement and how to make your funds last.